Precision Pressure Control System

Pressure Control Range


• Option 1 : 0.001 ~ 1 Torr
• Option 2 : 1 ~ 1000 Torr
• Option 3 : 0.001 ~ 1000 Torr

The Precision Vacuum Pressure control system can control partial pressure with the desire gas by adjusting the flow.
The software can automatically acquest and maintain it as a recipe.

Humidity Control System

The Precision Humidity Control System

Precise PID control
Humidity sensor is installed inside the MPS chambers

Normal ramp speed: 10 %RH/min.
Normal range: 4~95%RH*

*Ranges may differ depending on experimentation and laboratory temperature.

Temperature Controller


All micro probe stations are capable of precise temperature control. In the case of the Peltier model, active cooling is possible, and in particular, it has the advantage of special temperature profiles such as cycle tests.

The LN model has a built-in LN circulation pump for low-temperature cooling.

MFC Gas Control Stage

Gas Flow Control

We provide various MFC systems for precise gas atmosphere control in MPS chamber.
Consulting for optimal setup based on long experience in gas sensor field.