In-situ observation of structural- and resistance-changes by redox reactions

• XRD chamber : Nextron XRD Micro Probe System

• Sample : SrFe0.8Co0.2O2.5 on 001 SrTiO3

• Beam line : Pohang Accelerator Laboratory 3D beam line

• Measurement : Real-time XRD and resistance measurements in supply of N2 (2.5 hrs), O2 (6 hrs), and N2 (2.5 hrs) in sequence. Flow rate was 20 sccm.

• Results : The lattice constant of SrFe0.8Co0.2O2.5 thin film shifted sequentially to 3.99 Å (N2), 3.90 Å (O2), and 4.00 Å (N2). Associated resistance changes is observed due to topotactic transformations.

This research work is supported by 'Busan Open Laboratory Business Meeting Market Demands' project.

Resistive gas sensor characterization

Measured while purging hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gas without using vacuum pump

Sample: Palladium coated Zinc oxide(ZnO/Al2O3) nanowire for hydrogen gas sensing.

Raman mapping

This data was contributed by Nextron's partner, Weve.
Micro Probe System is perfectly compatible with Weve's products.

Raman Spectrometry

Vanadium dioxide(VO2) nanowire Study of phase transition by temperature

Photocurrent mapping

Thermal resonant frequency measurement

This data was contributed by Nextron’s partner, Polytec GmbH. Micro Probe System is used for Polytec’s products as their environmental chamber.

MIT (Metal-Insulator Transition)

Single crystalline VO2 nanobeams Study of MIT (Metal-Insulator Transition)

Rapid Microfluidic PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

Slide glass substrate Denaturation at 94 °C and annealing/extension at 59 °C

Other Applications

  • • Gas sensor characterization
  • • Rapid Microfluidic PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • • Photovoltaic cells’ and thermoelectric materials’ characterization
  • • Transistors, diodes, LED, ... testing
  • • Bulk and thin film materials’ thermal conductivity measurements (3-ω Method)
  • • Phase transition materials’ electrical/optical characterization (metal oxides, Memristor,…)
  • • Characterization of MEMS/NEMS mechanical and electro- mechanical resonators(reference clocks, mass sensors)
  • • Characterization of micro-coils and micro-antenna for inductive sensors(Impedance spectroscopy of biological tissues, In vivo RMN)
  • • Capacitive, resistive & resonant micro/nano sensors testing