Piezo-Driven probe

Ultra compact piezo module

  • Speed
  • Stroke (X , Y axis)
  • Stroke (Z - axis)
  • Holding Force
  • Manipulate Dimension
  • Resolution
  • 15mm /s
  • 8mm
  • 3mm
  • 250gf ~ 300gf
  • 20 x 20 x 30mm
  • < 1um (Depends on temp. and vaccum degree) Precision Vacuum Pressure Control System

For in-situ XRD Measurements

Ultra compact piezo module

  • Apply electric field
  • Control temperature
  • Contol vacuum/gas

Optical window stage chamber For integrated electro-optical experiments

(scanning probe microscopy)
Thermal Stage

Ultra compact piezo module

  • Max. temp. :200 °C
  • Nomal operating temp : 20 °C ~ 150 °C
  • Max. heating /Cooling Rate : 30 °C/ min
  • Accuracy : 0.1 °C

Peltier type sample stage

The system features an active cooling system that maintains the same heating and cooling rates.

  • Temp.
  • Sample stage size
  • Stage material
  • -40 ℃ ~ +200 ℃
  • 19ⅹ19 mm
  • Gold coated copper

Peltier type sample stage with hole

Experiments such as transmittance measurements are possible through the hole.

  • Temp.
  • Sample stage size
  • Stage material
  • -40 ℃ ~ +170 ℃
  • 16ⅹ16 mm
  • Gold coated copper

Ceramic heater sample stage

The equipment is capable of measuring without a cooling unit for one hour at 450 °C.

  • Temp.
  • Sample stage size
  • Stage material
  • RT ~ +450 °C
  • dia. 1/2 inch
  • Alumina sample stage

Ceramic heater sample stage

  • Temp.
  • Sample stage size
  • Stage material
  • RT ~ +750 °C / RT ~ +1000 °C
  • dia. 1/2 inch
  • AlN

Nitrogen sample stage

  • Temp.
  • Sample stage size
  • Stage material
  • 80 K ~ RT
  • Ø 15mm
  • Cu sample stage

13-Channel Micro Probe System

For LCC Chip carrier

The stage is a leadless chip carrier socket, it is possible to mount the LCC chip carrier and conduct experiments under various environmental changes

6 Probe and 24 Pin Terminal Block

Customization is possible with various probe methods and various probe combinations.

The Vertical Raman Electrochemical Reactor Cell

Customizable with materials and structures that can be used in the chemical field.

RF Micro Probe System with GSG Probe

MAX frequency 40GHz.

Dual Stage Model

For applications such as the Seebeck effect.

Micro Probe System for Field Emission Measurements

A slidable top anode and the metal stage are connected to the SMA feedthrough. 4 probes connectable to the device.

Temperature Probe

TC probe makes it possible to easily and quickly measure the temperature of a desired point.

Gas Sensor Analysis System

It is combined with Humidity Control System, MFC Gas Control Stage, Sourcemeter, Vaccum Pump and Integrated Software.

MPS with Ready to Mount Treaded Hole

The threaded holes allow mounting with the most preferred stage shape.